Combining practical development experience and leadership training, Pitts & Associates offers one of the most comprehensive and creative fundraising teams in the United States today. We support four main purposes for charitable organizations:

Pitts & Associates provides full-service fundraising and management guidance for charitable organizations.  We believe that successful development efforts can achieve their immediate goals, enhance their mission, improve the image and strength of the organization, and develop a pool of human talent that can continue and build upon the improvements we achieve for our clients.


To achieve these comprehensive objectives, Pitts & Associates designs fundraising management systems that help organizations achieve long-term success.  We structure management systems to position an institution's unique resources so they are able to address their specific needs.  By doing this, each project that we design expands clients' organizational capacity and maximizes their opportunities for current and future success.


Pitts & Associates brings big-game experience and personalized service to every client.  As a consulting firm, we have found ourselves to be most effective with organizations that are willing to think big and that have a steadfast loyalty to their mission and community.  Working only with selected clients, our commitment to value, service and quality has earned highly favorable relationships and created high demand for our services.

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